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Graphic Arts

We grow with your requirements

The printing industry is undergoing a period of unprecedented dynamism and as providers of graphics services, printing companies are constantly challenged to adapt and keep pace. In order to survive in the face of bitter competition and the technical replacement by digital printing processes, graphic printers need to keep constantly reinventing their business and launching innovations. Printcolor can help you to do this by providing clever, innovative products.

The success and the excellent benchmarks we have set in our 80 years in the business inspire us time and time again to achieve top performance. We listen and every day we look forward to new tasks, fresh challenges and the pleasure of identifying customised solutions for and with our customers.

Our range of high-quality standard series for graphics applications is unrivalled. We invite you to discover Printcolor’s high quality printing inks. Find the ideal products in our product overview or get in touch with one of our regional sales agents for more information.