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Inks for Screen Printing

Inks for Screen Printing

The centuries-old process of screen printing remains unmatched in terms of quality even today. It produces long-lasting, durable prints of unrivaled uniformity and color brilliance. Of the same high quality as the printing technique, are the screen printing inks from Printcolor. They are resistant, of high opacity and have a wide adhesion range.

Our broad product portfolio includes UV-cured, waterbased and solvent-based ink series. Thanks to our many years of experience we can offer the ideal solution for every application, be it in the fields of graphicstechnology, or security. The possible uses are many and varied: From paper and synthetics to metals, plastics and even glass and ceramics, screen printing can be used on various materials.

Here you will find products for graphics applications, e.g. displays, self-adhesive products, fleet signage, POS applications, vehicle and illuminated advertising. Technical-industrial screen printing is ideal for producing a wide range of products, including membrane switches, security signage, exterior decals, automotive components, smart and credit cards, flat glass, glass containers and many other applications.

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Get an overview of our screen printing inks and substrates on the following table: 

Overview Screen Printing Inks and Substrates (April 2024)

For more information about our screen print solutions for the electronics and security segments, please visit our Business Units section.