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Brand Protection

Every month, the owners of established trademarks and brands lose billions in lost revenues because their products are counterfeited or are sold on the grey market, and because they have to cover unjustified warranty claims. On top of this there are also problems like manipulation and theft. Printcolor’s unique solutions can help to protect against all of these potential threats to a brand’s integrity and image, and our products can be combined to provide the ideal individual security strategy.

The strategy not only gives the brand, but also each product an individual identity. The visible and hidden security features are closely intermeshed and can be reliably checked and verified by retailers, consumers, customs officials and trademark owners.

Multiple authentication levels can be set up with individual characteristics and reciprocal verification functions. For instance, a retailer can be given access to different levels than customs officials or the producer.

Printcolor uses unique, unrivalled technologies and combinations that can also be easily integrated in existing identification standards such as the QR code or other 2D data codes.

All printing inks, master batches or additives are produced for our customers exclusively in Switzerland under the most stringent security measures. This enables us to create a virtually closed technology platform that is quite rightly classified as 100 per cent tamperproof.

Our customers not only trust our technology and our closed concept. They also benefit from our profound analysis and consultancy competence from the word go. Sourcing all tools from a single company is one of the most efficient brand and product protection strategies.

> Critical security loopholes in the company
> Individual marking and flexible adaptation