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Our Customers

Our customers are high security printing companies who operate internationally. They expect expert technical know-how as well as loyalty and absolute compliance with all transparency and anti-corruption regulations.

For decades Printcolor has adhered strictly to these standards and has established a robust and proven compliance culture. We support the United Nations’ Global Compact, and compliance with ethical standards takes priority in all our business dealings.

In cooperation with organizations, banks and working together with our customers we develop new security features and increasingly effective printing systems, thus making a strong contribution to continually updating security standards.

Alongside all its many advantages, increasing globalisation also brings threats and risks. Modern counterfeiters have long since started collaborating worldwide. Our customers depend on our innovations to minimise these risks, and government institutions from many different countries trust us and use our technology and research expertise to enhance the protection against the falsification of identification documents, banknotes, revenue stamps and other sensitive documents.