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Everything stays different

The portfolio of technical applications that are produced with the aid of printed layers is increasing every year and every month. A pioneering spirit, an entrepreneurial drive and the creative technology of our customers all come together to help us develop ever more complex functional and visual graphic effects. Every failure to achieve super-precise products means a step back. Yesterday’s cutting-edge success factors are today’s standard requirements.

Most companies want to keep product development as flexible as possible in order to be able to respond even faster to changes on the market. However, this approach also means that businesses cannot afford to rely solely on their own resources: they need to integrate specialised partners in their own product management. This is an essential and at the same time challenging approach, as while not every business can afford to employ a chemist or a technician to develop specialised printing inks, inks often play a crucial role in new products.

Would you like to benefit from some expertise in this field? Get in touch! We will be happy to advise you. If you already know what you need, you’ll find a wide range of products for technical applications in our product overview. You could be holding your first print-outs produced with Printcolor inks in only a few days’ time.