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About Printcolor

About Printcolor

As an owner-managed Swiss family company with a history spanning many decades, Printcolor produces printing inks of the very highest quality. Guided by our core values of quality, agility, trust, care and a human touch we serve our customers with approximately 80 employees in three locations. We develop and produce customised solutions in proven Swiss quality. We also have a global network of sales partners to ensure that customers all over the world benefit from our first-rate, expert support in their local area.

Satisfied customers – the core of our day-to-day work

Thanks to our lean structure we are flexible and highly efficient. In everything we do we believe in maintaining personal contact with our clients. We work with them to identify the perfect solution and master even the most complex challenges, for instance in the laboratory by modifying an existing product or by developing new products as part of our product management – but also in production and logistics or in sales and administration. Throughout every department and across areas of our company we are committed to responding to our customers’ wishes and requirements with flexibility and a profound understanding of our field of expertise.

Our innovative drive makes us a sought-after partner for companies who, like us, believe in progress and qualitative growth. Our development partners include renowned institutes, universities and businesses with a high degree of expertise. Working together with these experts, Printcolor can draw on a network of profound competence which benefits both our customers and us.

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