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Our complex knowledge gained in over 80 years of working on our customers’ projects is focused in the business unit Security Inks, which was founded in 2005. This focus enables us to develop our portfolio stringently and allows us to guarantee our customers top performance – now and in the future.

Our customers know that our security inks offer dependable protection for all their documents, products and packaging against counterfeiting and manipulation. We are currently developing and producing security inks for identification documents (e.g., passports and ID cards), banknotes, bank cheques, ballot papers, tickets, packaging and identification markings for OEM components.

We draw on our mature experience in graphics and technical applications and the synergies generated by the close collaboration between all our business units.

The engine that drives us is the sophisticated and often complex demands of our customers, who want secure, resource-friendly solutions. In the past years, Printcolor has successfully harnessed advanced technologies to develop a series of innovations in security printing inks.

We collaborate closely with leading research and technology partners. These cooperations form the basis for our interdisciplinary and full cross-system solutions.

As a family-managed traditional Swiss company we are completely independent; our sole motivation is to meet the needs of our customers.

We transform ideas into products

Printcolor is an experienced and competent partner specialising making our customers’ innovative ideas come to life. Our research and development capacity helps our customers to implement cost-effective, instant safety features of the very highest standard.

Sicherheit - Security - Ideen - Ideas

Our in-house experts are familiar with the demands of the markets and the specific requirements of our customers from their day-to-day work. They are dependable and loyal partners for individual and customised product solutions. In our laboratories we develop just-in-time features for our customers’ future products – always with a close eye on keeping costs as low as possible and always based on state-of-the-art technology.

Environmentally-friendly technology

The broad range of security inks we offer is primarily based on tried-and-tested UV printing inks and varnishes. Over decades, UV-curing has proved itself to be a sound process for this sensitive sector and it has also developed rapidly and significantly over the years.

The advantages of this process include the short curing times, which allow the product to be processed almost immediately. In addition, our UV inks and varnishes are solvent-free which protects the health of employees and is kinder to the environment.

As energy-saving systems, our UV security inks also represent an important step towards carbon-neutral production.