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RFID Antennas

RFID Antennas


Even though fully printed RFID components are still at the development stage, printed antennas play a key role in industry and retail logistics, and are also increasingly important for wireless communication applications.

Contact-free ski passes, tickets for sports events or train tickets have long since become everyday items. In future, applications such as automation, brand protection and identification can be further optimised through the use of RFID transponder technology.

A transponder consists of the antenna, which is tuned to a specific radio frequency, and a transponder chip, which contains data. To ensure that these data are securely transmitted it is essential to have a printed antenna that functions dependably.

Together with Heraeus Electronics we have developed solutions for antenna printing which combine optimised costs with exceptional durability and optimum conductive performance. These antenna printing compounds are available for a range of different substrates and material combinations.