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Inks for Pad Printing

Inks for Pad Printing

Pad printing opens up possibilities that are hard to realise through conventional printing processes. It is probably the most adaptable of all printing processes, standing out due to its large variety of substrates and high flexibility. It can be printed on various materials and surface structures - and on almost any shape.

Our pad printing inks are as varied as the possibilities of pad printing itself, as the systems offer an optimal solution for every application. High brilliance and outstanding opacity are a matter of course with all our pad printing inks. In addition to 1- and 2-component solvent inks, a universally applicable UV system completes the range.

The universal ink systems can be adjusted to different processing parameters, requirements and environmental influences using a wide range of auxiliaries. Special products for difficult surfaces (e.g. Softtouch) and color mixtures according to all well-known color fans (RAL, Pantone® etc.) complete the range and offer the right solution in every situation.

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Overview Pad Printing Inks and Substrates (June 2023)