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Classic printing inks are printed with electronic functional materials in liquid or paste form. These functional materials can electrically conduct, insulate, store, change colors and states, or emit light.

The development of printed electronics is already of great importance in applications with lower complexity and in system integration especially on flexible materials. These are new, previously unseen applications in which sensors, circuits, displays and batteries are printed entirely on suitable substrate materials using classic printing technologies.

Market Potential

“Printed electronics is a market with an enormous future potential and is destined to occupy a fixed place in our lives”. (Wolfgang Mildner – CEO, OE-A)

The quality window for reproducible resolution and precision of layer thicknesses is very small and the demands on the functional materials are correspondingly high.

In order to compete successfully with classical silicon technology, material costs play a major role. It doesn’t always have to be silver. Often, good conductivity can be achieved by a cost-effective combination of material, particle shape and layer thicknesses. 

Why Printcolor

Our decades of experience as a Swiss developer of high quality printing inks help us to continually refine the consistencies and thus open up new applications.

Our conductive inks can be processed in rotary screen printing, flexo printing, rotogravure, pad printing and (soon) digital printing. These traditional printing processes have been adapted and further developed to meet the exceptionally high technical demands of printed electronics.

Learn more about our expertise in the field of system solutions for printed electronics:

Our Partner

Together with Heraeus Electronics, we form a well-coordinated team with the common goal of enhancing the competitiveness of our customers. Feel free to ask us questions and challenge us.

In January 2024, Heraeus Electronics acquired the PriElex® product line from Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. These products have been developed and manufactured for the global electronics market since 1994. In addition to offering standard products, the company specializes in developing custom solutions for new and unique high-tech applications. We exclusively distribute the PriElex® product line for printed electronics from Heraeus Electronics in Europe. The inks and pastes are produced in the USA. Despite the distant production location, both Printcolor and Heraeus Electronics excel in providing fast delivery times.

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