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Business Units

Dependability and Continuity

The print industry is currently experiencing a major structural upheaval and significant changes in terms of its values. The markets are becoming more international and new communication technologies have eliminated the issue of distance. The urge to achieve short-term profits has brought a new level of frantic speed to business relationships which is often counterproductive to sustainable development. The increasing concentration of power, such as fusions and mergers, and the behaviour of some market players often generate surprises and cause further uncertainty.

In this busy, ever-changing environment, it is good to have a strong, dependable partner by your side. A partner who consistently places a higher value on customer satisfaction than profit maximisation, and who is committed to the traditional principles of a Swiss family company at all times. The purpose of corporate values is to shape the future, form a distinctive identity and set oneself apart from the increasingly tough competition.

Continuity is crucial for a successful business collaboration. It ensures the quality of the business relationship, and gives it a viable future. The word partnership stands for mutual trust, shared objectives and paths that are taken together.

Specialists are the better problem solvers

The most intelligent approach to facing the dramatically increasing complexity in the printing industry is to concentrate on specific market segments, technologies and systematic skills. With over 80 years in the industry, we can proudly say that we stand for profound expertise in printing inks and coatings.

Our customers appreciate this specialised expertise because they know that they benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the specific demands and our ability to deliver the best solutions. As specialists we also have a higher degree of productivity and effectiveness because we can provide excellent results faster than companies that try to cover all areas.

We focus our expertise and our consistent commitment to the development of new products and coordinated services in four business units: Graphic Arts, Security and Technology.

Each business unit is headed by specialised chemists, seasoned customer service professionals and technicians. This allows us to focus on all our customers’ different needs and requirements. Regular internal exchange across the units ensures that synergies are fully exploited and allows us to discover new, lateral solutions.