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Interactive Packaging

Interactive Packaging


Researchers are currently racing to develop packaging that not only passively protects the contents from external damage, but also helps to optimise freshness and shelf-life.

Interactive elements and the trend for linking online and offline realities create the prospect of greater added value for manufacturers, retailers and consumers, and they also open up new dimensions in mass product advertising. The first major brands are already trialling just how packaging could be used to create a communication bridge to the consumer or employed as an interactive feature for product authentication.

We combine the conductive inks manufactured by our partner Heraeus Electronics and our own access to a substantial portfolio of special effect inks to provide products that offer a wide range of astonishing functions.

Printcolor is one of the very first businesses in the traditional printing ink sector that is engaging with the vision of interactive packaging and its future. As a founding member of OE-A, and with our wide-reaching network of contacts in the academic world, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers take their projects from the drawing board to reality.