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Critical Security Loopholes

Critical security loopholes in the company

Critical security loopholes in the company


Product piracy is the nightmare of any brand owner. The material and immaterial damage resulting from product counterfeiting is immense. Printcolor is a dependable partner for all brand owners. Our unrivalled technology gives each product its own, distinct identity which can be verified by retailers, customs officials and brand owners. The use of a range of different safety features also helps to establish a high level of trust in the brand amongst consumers.

Grey markets

For all security-relevant products or products with a warranty it is essential to be able to track the product quantities and retail channel they are sold through with great precision. Printcolor’s individual product marking strategy allows each product to be authenticated and traced. As well as helping to combat illicit trading this also allows distribution and logistics to be optimised.


Theft and manipulation were long considered unavoidable in the retail trade. Modern labels and self-adhesive tape in combination with Printcolor printing inks for complex multi-layer systems instantly and irreversibly reveal any attempts to tamper with the product. Additionally, they enable the transport chain to be monitored and thus help to protect individual packages, handling units or transport units.

Product liability

Most branded products and high quality components are usually subject to strict liability and warranty rules, making it essential that these products can be clearly identified as original even after years of hard use. This provides protection against unjustified warranty claims and the misuse of guarantees. Printcolor offers complex, highly durable systems which remain dependably detectable even after decades.

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