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Special Colors and Effects

Special Colors and Effects

With our centralized color matching laboratory we can quickly define special colors based on specifications or printed samples.

At our color application laboratory in Switzerland we create specialized colors and graphic effects that are formulated to our customer’s specific requirements. 

One of our main strengths is our ability to produce a wide variety of visual and functional color effects. Our special services for developing stylized colors and effects have made our ability to deliver unique goods and products nearly endless. We say anything and everything is possible. 

A speciality of our experts is the composition of complex color stylings, which feature both decorative and functional effects. 
However, routine tasks such as color matching of RAL, PMS or HKS samples or swatches are easily taken care of in a timely manner. In our color lab we utilize both modern color metrics and our highly qualified employees. Either way rest easy, 
you will receive a precise color matched formulation for your printing application.