Printcolor Ltd.
Welschloh 299
8965 Mutschellen/Berikon Aargau Switzerland
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Sales Germany

Sales Germany

Printcolor Deutschland GmbH
Josef-Baumann-Strasse 39
DE-44805 Bochum
Phone +49.234.6 87 19-0
Fax +49.234.6 87 19-19

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Certificate of creditworthiness

Printcolor Deutschland GmbH has been awarded for its good credit rating


Products for the screen-printing form
Cleaning chemicals for screen and pad printing

Your Contacts

Bernd Tolksdorf

Bernd Tolksdorf
General Manager

Philipp Tenberge

Philipp Tenberge
Key Account Manager DE-North and
Key Account Manager High Security

Bernd Wagner
Key Account Manager DE-South

Roland Köhler
Customer Service

Gerrit Jansen
Customer Service

Dietmar Kobus
Customer Service