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Color Mixing System 388

Pigment concentrate + binder = Screen printing ink

That is Printcolor's module principle. This principle allows you to produce Series 384, 386, 387 and 388 at your location. Simply mix an MS basic color of Series 388 with a series-specific binder and manufacture the color series with the characteristics needed - and always stay flexible.

MS modular system - explained using the example of Series 386 

Pigment concentrates

The pigment concentrates are the basis of our mixing system. Concentrates are available in four different categories: 

Category Description Number of colors
HP Highly pigmented 12 plus black/white 
HR Highly thermostable 10 plus black/white 
HT Highly transparent 13 plus black/white 
OR Outdoor-resistant 12 plus black/white 

In total, 24 different MS basic colors are available.

Color Charts

Color Chart HP - Highly pigmented Color Chart HR - Highly thermostable Color Chart HT - Highly transparent Color Chart OR - Outdoor-resistant


In order to mix a properly functioning screen printing ink, a series-specific functional binder must be used. This binder carries the product characteristics of the Series to be produced. 

Possible binder components 

Article number Series Description 
Series xxx-07 Series xxx Binder determining Series XXX 
Series 384-07 Series 384 Binder highly flexible ink for tarpaulins 
Series 386-07  Series 386 Binder highly resistant for acrylic glass (PMMA)
Series 387-07 Series 387 Binder multifunctional matt ink
Series 388-07 Series 388 Binder multifunctional plastic ink

Please contact our experts to learn more about the possibilities and advantages of Printcolor's MS modular system.

Further Information

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