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Plastic Cards

Plastic Cards

Plastic Cards

With spectraCARD, we offer an unrivalled range of laminable and offset overprintable screen printing inks for manufacturing card systems made of PVC and polycarbonate.

Our high-opaque white enables the realization of cards with a transparent or colored core. If you are looking to produce transparent debit and credit cards, we recommend our high-quality infrared-absorbing solvent-based screen printing inks. Furthermore, spectraCARD includes a wide range of UV-cured and solvent-based metallic color shades and security elements such as OSI shifting effects ("optical shifting inks"), anti-scratch coatings or UV luminescent inks.

Our spectraCARD Design Manual contains visualizations of numerous colors, effects and security elements. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on the various possibilities of spectraCARD.

spectraCARD UV - UV-Siebdruckfarbe für PVC und Polycarbonat

spectraCARD UV

Unique UV curing screen printing inks for PVC and PC cards.

spectraCARD SB - Screen Printing Ink for Cards

spectraCARD SB

Solvent-based screen printing inks for PVC and PC cards.

spectraCARD IRB - IR Blocking Inks

spectraCARD IRB

Infrared absorbing screen printing inks for transparent debit and credit cards.