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Not only is the performance decisive when buying a car, but its design and features also have a significant influence on the customer's decision. 

These high demands are reflected in the requirements for the printing inks used. They have to withstand a wide range of temperatures, frequent contact and cleaning agents, making high resistance and excellent adhesion to a wide range of printing materials essential. Also, various quality standards and safety regulations must be met.

Applicable Ink Series

Series 711 Fast drying pad printing ink for plastics
Series 751 2-component pad printing ink for glass, metals and duroplasts
Series 786 Highly resistant and user-friendly 2C pad printing ink

In addition to the pad printing inks mentioned above, our product range also includes various screen printing inks suitable for the automotive industry.

Pad Printing Inks for Rim Printing

Pad printing offers new possibilities for a specific application in the automotive sector: printing on rims. For this application, Printcolor recommends Series 784, a high-gloss, highly opaque and silicone-free 2C pad printing ink. The Series has excellent resistance to chemical and mechanical stress, making it particularly suitable for the production of demanding high-quality applications.

Product Information Series 784