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«Magic» Effects

«Magic» Effects

«Magic» Effects

«Magic» Effects

Show your customers how easy the mud can be removed. Let them feel the snow. Arouse their curiosity and surprise them with seemingly invisible messages. In the field of print finishing, Printcolor goes the extra mile: Give your print products the extraordinary with the surprising and impressive effects of our «Magic» range, stand out from the crowd. Be it with a varnish that is easy to wipe off, a message that only becomes visible at second glance or a haptic varnish that could also be foam or ice.

Printcolor's «Magic» product range includes the following: 

Magic Flash

Photosensitive varnish for the printing of invisible information, which can only be made visible on photos by using a flashlight – surprise.

Magic Foam & Magic Frost

UV haptic varnish creating a foam structure in the ink film – convince haptically and visually.

Magic Wipe

Damp wipeable varnish - for neat promotion.

easyGRAPH - effect inks for print finishing

The «Magic» effects are part of the easyGRAPH product range, which consists of visual, haptic, olfactory and interactive effects. The range enables customers to implement exceptionally attractive designs and finishes with an impact – and thus reach their target groups even more effectively.