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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

High Performance Inks

Printcolor develops, produces and sells high quality printing inks. To give our customers the very best possible products and solutions we combine our mature expertise with the latest technologies and the wide-ranging know-how of our employees. Our Swiss origin commits us to offer the highest quality and constant innovation.

  • We are a dependable and trustworthy partner – for our customers and all stakeholders.
  • We identify solutions for our customers and help them to focus on their core tasks.
  • We respond to our customers’ needs and requirements swiftly and flexibly.
  • We are inspired to create new products by closely observing the market and listening to our customers and partners.

Our Values

The enduring success of Printcolor is due to the fact that we all believe in the same values and are committed to them. At Printcolor these values are not merely printed on paper but are lived daily by everyone who works here. Our corporate culture places them firmly in the foreground of everything we do.


We work with precision, with a solution-oriented mindset and a commitment to saving resources. This allows us to guarantee consistently excellent performance.


Markets change. We not only keep pace, we use our own R&D to develop new perspectives and opportunities.


Mutual respect, honesty and transparency in all processes are the basis for a lasting and trusting relationship with our employees and partners.


For us, every form of business relationship is primarily a relationship between people. It goes without saying that we value respect, courtesy and mutual respect in all our personal and business dealings.


We seek solutions for our customers’ problems – and present these in applications that comply precisely with their specifications and wishes.

Detailed information about the values that drive Printcolor every day can be found in our Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

Printcolor Code of Conduct
Printcolor Code of Conduct