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Series 533

Low migration UV bottle printing ink for plastics

Plastic packagings for food, cosmetics, feedstuffs or pharmaceutical products are rightly subject to particularly high regulations in respect to toxicology of the used materials. Even if no direct contact occurs with the filling materials, it is to avoid a residual risk by migration of harmful substances, i.e. from the used printing inks. Printcolor, as one of the leading manufacturers of environmental and industrial hygiene exculpatory exemplary ink systems, has taken up new challenges.

Series 533 has been designed to enable customers, who are printing cartridges, bottles, cans, buckets and closures made of polyolefin materials (PP and PE) to ensure compliance with current standards of hygiene. This series, based on carefully selected and tested raw materials, shows the typical advantages of ultra-fast drying and immediate further processing. A further feature is the excellent adhesion on corona discharged or flamed plastic surfaces.

Series 533 is compliant with the "Guidance Notes on Packaging Inks" by Nestlé and is classified as labeling free. Therefore, the entire series is not subject to any special transport or storage restrictions. Naturally, the series does not contain any volatile solvents or toxic heavy metals according to the EN71/3 and is equivalent to the Regulation of the Swiss EDI over commodities.

With this new development, Printcolor sets new trends in a challenging market segment. Take advantage of the technical and toxicological advantages of series 533 to improve your competitive position!

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Low migration UV screen printing ink for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging.
Low migration UV screen printing ink for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging.