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Printcolor at ICMA 2017

Printcolor at ICMA 2017

End of March 2017, Printcolor participated at the ICMA Expo in Orlando (USA). The ICMA Expo, organized by the International Card Manufacturers Association (ICMA), focuses on card manufacturing and personalization. The exhibition is the right place to learn more about card industry trends, technology advances, growth opportunities and processes.

With spectraCARD, Printcolor presented an unrivalled range of laminable and offset overprintable screen printing inks for manufacturing card systems made of PVC and polycarbonate. The infrared absorbing solvent based screen printing inks spectraCARD IRB are ideally suitable for the production of transparent debit and credit cards, from colorless to colorful. Also, the opaque white and metallic shades of the UV curing screen printing inks spectraCARD UV and the solvent-based screen printing inks spectraCARD SB attracted a lot of interest. Furthermore, visitors got the possibility to inform themselves of various security elements such as optical shifting inks and anti-scratch coatings.

At the ICMA Expo 2017, Printcolor made a lot of new and interesting contacts, strengthened relationships with existing customers and got a lot of positive feedback. We were able to strengthen our reputation as well as the recognition of our brand in the North American market.

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