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Una subsidiaria de MicroChem adquiere los activos de Conductive Compounds

09.09.2016 - El 31 de Agosto de 2016 Conductive Compounds Inc., nuestro socio en el campo de la electrónica impresa, anunció la venta del negocio familiar a Argential. El rango de productos de “Applied Ink Solutions” continuará disponible en Printcolor, esto significa que no habrá ningún cambio para nuestros clientes.

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Nuevo gestor en Printcolor para el mercado de las tarjetas

17.08.2016 - Printcolor anuncia la incorporación de Ekaterina Makarova como nueva persona clave en Printcolor para el Mercado de las tarjetas. Makarova ingresa en el equipo de ventas de Printcolor para fortalecer la presencia de la compañía en el mercado global de las tarjetas. Ella llega a Printcolor con una extensa experiencia y gran conocimiento del sector.

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New highly resistant and user-friendly 2C pad printing ink

08.09.2015 - Printcolor's new 2C pad printing ink Series 786 is a highly glossy, extremely resistant and highly opaque ink system for the production of technical components, automotive partes, toys, childcare products and bottle caps. With its environmental and user-friendly formulation Series 786 provides the best possible protection of people and the environment. The ink series fulfills the strict requirements of EN 71-3:2013 (printing on toys). Furthermore, all substances are listet in the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles.

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Nuevas fichas técnicas

08.09.2015 - Las nuevas fichas técnicas combinan información específica sobre aplicaciones y experiencias de campo. Las propiedades de cada serie de tinta son evaluadas en función de una clasificación estandarizada, que habilita a los usuarios a emplear la tinta más adecuada para cada aplicación. Con un diseño y estructura totalmente comprensible, las nuevas fichas técnicas de Printcolor son un arma de valor y ayuda.

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Printcolor se convierte en miembro de ICMA

02.07.2015 - Printcolor anuncia su incorporación como miembro de ICMA. Mediante este paso, la empresa hace hincapié en su enfoque sobre sistemas de tarjetas en la división de seguridad.

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Printing Inks for the Toy Industry

29.04.2015 - Non-toxic inks are a prerequisite for use today in all sectors of the printing industry. Tougher demands are applied to the inks used for printing on commodities, food packaging, medical products and in the toy industry.

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Printcolor introduce las nuevas tintas Blocking IR

01.09.2014 - Printcolor presenta sus nuevas tintas IR para tarjetas de PVC. El color gris neutro ofrece una alta absorción IR y una mínima densidad de color VIS y alta transparencia. Puede ser usada como capa barrera transparente o como base para elaborar muchas tonalidades PANTONE®. Se tomó la decisión de no usar ciclohexanona como materia prima durante el desarrollo del binder con el fin de cumplir los requisitos de salud y seguridad apropiados.

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Printcolor becomes a full member of Fogra

01.09.2014 - Printcolor announces its full membership of the FOGRA Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. today. In future, the company will increasingly participate in projects in the card sector and in a range of printing technology topics.

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Printcolor and H.W. Sands end cooperation

01.09.2014 - Printcolor and H.W. Sands Corp., the company’s American partner in the card sector, end their cooperation by August 13, 2014. Printcolor will serve its customers in North and South America directly until further notice.

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Printcolor enters cooperation with a Dutch manufacturer of UV printing inks and custom-made solutions

30.06.2014 - Printcolor today announced the foundation of Squid Inks AG by July 1, 2014. The new company emerges from the Dutch “Squid Inks BV”. The cooperation allows Printcolor and Squid Inks to perfectly use synergies which strengthens both companies in the markets of screen, pad and flexo printing.

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New classification of N-vinyl caprolactam (NVC)

Product labeling and raw material replacement

In January 2014, a classification and labeling change of N-vinyl caprolactam (NVC) has been advised by REACH. NVC is a key substance widely used by manufacturers of UV curing ink systems. The new labeling, leads to significant changes in the classification of those products.

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24 March 2014

Discontinuation of production of publication gravure inks

Printcolor Zofingen Ltd. will go out of business by the end of January 2014.

It was a hard and difficult decision to shut down Printcolor Zofingen Ltd.

The core business of Printcolor Zofingen Ltd. lies in the production of printing inks for magazines, catalogues and newspaper supplements. In the past years, the demand of publication gravure inks has been continuously decreasing and the prospects are negative as well. Over-capacities and increasing raw material prices will put additional pressure on product prices in the future.

The management of Printcolor deeply regrets the decision which is unfortunately also tied to a reduction of staff. The company is actively supporting every person in the seeking for a new job.

Please note: The decision does neither affect the production of gravure and flexo printing inks for packaging in Zofingen (Division Gravoflex) nor the production of inks for screen, pad and flexo printing in Berikon (Printcolor Screen Ltd.).

8 January 2014

Reinforcement of R&D and technical service

After four years of absence due to motherhood, Tanya Incedal (40) will return to Printcolor on November 1, 2013.

Tanya Incedal is a skilled screen printer. Between 2001 and 2009 she supported Printcolor’s Swiss customers. Together with Sascha Otho, Manager Technical Service, and Pinar Keke, she will be responsible for the technical support.

“Tanya Incedal has worked with Printcolor products for many years and gained great practical know-how during her time in the field”, says Marc Bär. “She is familiar with the daily challenges of screen and pad printing and, together with the whole Technical Service team, can best support our customers.”

Sascha Otho (37), who manages the Technical Service department since three years, will be part of the R&D team in the future. He will develop new products and solutions based on Printcolor’s project management. Alongside, Sascha Otho is still responsible for the management of the Technical Service department.

4 October 2013

Thomas Ellinger reinforces pad printing development

Since April 1, 2013 Thomas Ellinger (46) is a member of the Printcolor laboratory team. He is responsible for the pad printing development.

The graduate engineer technical chemistry (UAS) has more than 15 years of professional experience in the areas of pad printing inks. In the past years he worked as a key account manager in raw material trade. From 2004 to 2006 Thomas Ellinger has already been an important and appreciated member of the Printcolor team.

„We are pleased to announce Thomas Ellinger’s return to Printcolor. He had a major part in the successful development of our pad printing product line“, says Marc Bär, CEO of Printcolor Group. „He will use his extensive knowledge to support our customers and bring in his innovative capacity to develop new pad printing inks solutions.”

12. April 2013

Printcolor expands its leadership team

Matching its 80th Anniversary, the Swiss Printcolor looks into the future and sets course for further success. To meet the growing demands of international markets, the company opens up new segments in the future.

Since 80 years Printcolor counts on quality and innovation, both factors are closely linked with our employees. «They should experience loyalty and appreciation. With my own personal commitment in daily business, I will just place this attitude in the spotlight», says CEO Marc Bär (48) who again took over the operational management of Printcolor in June.

In respect to the consistent focus on customer’s requirements, the company also takes account on its staff:

Dr. Andreas Gerlach (41) will in future be responsible for the laboratory. As a graduated chemist, he has several years of professional experience in the areas of printing inks, inkjet and toner. «By the centralized laboratory management, we can take advantage of synergies in our technology department. This is of great importance for the processing of our future focus markets», says Marc Bär.

Also operational in laboratory, will be Mathias Volz (44). The chemical engineer enhances Research and Development. «Mathias Volz works in the ink and coatings industry for more than 20 years. We are pleased that he will use his experience and his extensive knowledge for the development of innovative Printcolor-products.»

With Alexis Forlen (40) Printcolor has an additional sales representative. He also brings more than 20 years of experience in development and sales, especially in the field of UV inks. «Alexis Forlen strengthenes our sales team and will give technical support to our customers. At the same time, he uses his innovative capacity and his dedication for quality in our development», says Bär.

Patrick Strebel (25) assumes the newly created position of Manager Marketing & Communications. Previously, he worked as executive manager and is now extending his expertise with a bachelor degree in communications. «After everything that he has achieved in the last years, we wanted to offer to Patrick Strebel an in-house perspective. The more we are delighted that he also connects his next career move with Printcolor.»

The promising view has been received by the employees very enthusiastic during the company’s official 80th anniversary celebration: Printcolor is ready for the next 80 years!

19. November 2012

80 Years Printcolor

Printcolor recently celebrated its 80 years anniversary with the entire staff. The celebration took place under best weather conditions and between pallets, drums and pigments in front of Printcolor’s warehouse in Bremgarten, Switzerland. Everybody was happy to reunite with several retirees. Even the colleagues of Printcolor’s branches in Bochum (Germany) and Hong Kong (China) traveled to Switzerland to celebrate this unique occasion.

Especially for the festivity, a brochure has been created containing classic stories and old images. Most of the people were surprised about the fact that Printcolor originally produced floor polish and coach lacquer instead of today’s high performance inks. The celebration was completed by small competitions such as a puzzle contest or a thrilling tabletop soccer tournament.

Certainly not only Printcolor’s past was a topic. Marc Bär, CEO of Printcolor Group, held an inspiring speech about the company’s future with a lot of exciting challenges to be met. In the end of the evening it was clear for every attendee: on to Printcolor’s next 80 years!

3. October 2012