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Barnices serigráficos antimicrobianos

Barnices serigráficos antimicrobianos

Barnices serigráficos antimicrobianos

Nowadays, the protection against germs and extensive hygienic measures are more important than ever. The antimicrobial screen printing varnishes of Printcolor kill germs reliably and permanently and increase the hygiene of your products lastingly. The varnishes have an antimicrobial mechanism which inhibits enzymatic activity and the reproduction of microbes in the presence of moisture or humidity. The product range includes 2-component, solvent-based as well as UV screen printing varnishes. The varnishes are printed as a top-coat or protection varnish and ensure an antimicrobial effect while preserving the print image.

Mode of action of the varnish

The antimicrobial, colorless screen printing varnishes contain active silver components which permanently kill germs. If the varnish comes into contact with moisture or air humidity, highly reactive silver ions are released. These ions attack the cell activities of germs, prevent them from multiplying and disrupt vital processes – the germs are ultimately killed. As the ions not only target one specific but rather various cell areas at the same time, they have an antimicrobial effect and combat various microbes.

The active agent released on the coated surfaced eradicates over 99.99 per cent of germs, with a germ reduction value of > 3 log levels tested according to JIS Z 2801-2010 NORM.

A closed coating layer is essential for the effectiveness of the varnish. The antimicrobial varnishes contain luminescent pigments that enable the varnish to be controlled. When irradiated with a UV light, the varnish shows a clear color change due to these contained pigments. In spots where the varnish is not completely closed, no change in color is visible.

Product range and application

The antimicrobial varnishes of Printcolor are ideally suited for the print on plastics or metals and applications such as labels, stickers, promotional items, technical components but also hollow bodies such as tubes. They are transparent, clear screen printing varnishes that do not change the appearance of your product. As the silver ions are released in a speed and volume-controlled manner, discoloration of the varnish is prevented. The range consists of four screen printing varnishes:

Series 140-3123-05 - Solvent-based Screen Printing Varnish, antimicrobial 

  • Universally applicable, highly transparent 1-component screen printing varnish based on highly resistant raw materials
  • Suited for the coating of a variety of plastics such as powder coatings, composite materials, PVC, ABS, SAN, copolymers, acrylic glass (PMMA), foils, polycarbonate or polyester
  • Typical applications: labels and stickers, signs, automotive applications, promotional items or displays
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Series 140-5123-05/01 -  UV Screen Printing Varnish, antimicrobial

  • Universally applicable UV screen printing varnish 
  • Suitable for several plastics such as polycarbonate, PET-G/PET-GAG, polyester, TritanTM (copolyester), PVC, polystyrene or composite materials
  • Typical applications: signs, displays, promotional items, labels, hollow bodies or tubes
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Series 140-5123-05/02 - UV Protective Varnish, antimicrobial

  • UV curing protective varnish, has an antimicrobial effect and increases the mechanical resistance of printed products
  • Resistant to scratches, water and caustic soda as well as chemical and mechanical effects
  • Suitable substrates: printed goods, HDPE or pretreated/coated PP
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Series 140-6123-05 -  2C Screen Printing Varnish, antimicrobial

  • 2C Screen Printing Varnish which offers impressive durability
  • Suitable for coating of plastics such as ABS, SAN, powder coatings, polyamide, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, TritanTM (copolyester), composite materials as well as metal
  • Typical applications: signs, technical components or highly resistant vinyl stickers
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Wide range of applications

Apart from the mentioned areas of application, numerous other uses are possible. Please contact our sales team for further applications or comprehensive advice; we are looking forward to discussing your project with you.

Further Information

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