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Reflective Inks

Reflective Inks

Reflective Inks

Reflective Inks

Printcolor’s reflective inks are special ink systems that have a high degree of reflection and possess a retrore-flective effect when exposed to light. Retroreflection occurs when light rays are reflected in the same direction from which they are incident. Our reflective inks contain highly effective reflective particles, which reflect the light back to the irradiating light source. Maximum efficiency of the reflective particles is achieved on dark substrates.


Reflective inks increase the visibility of the printed product in headlights, for example, in darkness or twilight. The product range is suitable for a wide range of applications and materials such as textiles, plastics, metals, soft- touch surfaces, foils, cardboard or paper. The reflective inks are preferably used in the advertising and automotive sectors, whereby special legislation applies to public road traffic applications.

Please note that post-varnishing reduces the reflection values and is therefore not advisable. Also, such ink systems cannot achieve the high reflection values of special retroreflective films.

Product range

The product range consists of eight articles:

Article Description/color 
Series 242-05/REFLEX Reflective Ink
Series 242-100/REFLEX Silver, reflective
Series 388-05/REFLEX Reflective Ink
Series 388-100/REFLEX Silver, reflective
Series 640-05/REFLEX Reflective Ink
Series 640-100/REFLEX Silver, reflective
Series 660-05/REFLEX Reflective Ink
Series 660-100/REFLEX Silver, reflective

These articles are highly suitable for a broad range of materials. The reflective inks of Series 242, for example, can be used to print on plastics as well as paper or cardboard. Silver and varnish of Series 388 can be used for materials like PVC, foils or coatings and Series 640 for metals and plastics. The reflective inks of Series 660 are particularly suited for printing on synthetic fabrics or soft-touch surfaces.

Applied with an approx. 43-thread fabric, the ink layers of Series 388, 640 as well as 660 are outdoor-resistant. To increase the chemical and mechanical resistance, the hardeners Series 600-HDA or Series 600-HDS can be added.

Further information on the respective series can be found in the corresponding Fact Sheet.

Almost unlimited design possibilities

Due to the transparency of the reflective varnishes, there are almost no restrictions in the design of the product layout. In addition, both the reflective varnishes as well as the reflective inks in silver can be tinted with our highly transparent MS basic colors (see color chart with the article number PM-2014). This results in optically colored ink layers, which reflect colourful dark silvery or silvery depending on the angle of illumination.

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