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Blackboard Inks

Blackboard Inks

Blackboard Inks

Blackboard Inks

Printcolor’s blackboard inks are special effect inks that create a surface that can be written on with chalk. It can be written on and cleaned repeatedly, allowing long-term usability. Surfaces created with blackboard inks set no limits to creativity and can be used in office or business areas as well as in the creative or gastronomy sectors. Thanks to their adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, they can be used on signs or standees as well as on promotional items or displays.

Reversible and long-term inscribable

Blackboard inks create a long-lasting, resistant coating that can be written on with chalk reversibly and long-term. The inks are stand out due to their marking resistance, as well as very low abrasion. This ensures a long-term function of the marking. The full-surface or partial labelling fields are characterised by their good acceptance of chalk and easy cleaning.
Furthermore, the blackboard inks are suitable for indoor use but can also be used outdoors in coordination with the substrate and with proper implementation.

Product range

The blackboard ink range includes six articles:

 Article Name / color shade 
 Series 320-3106/05 Blackboard ink, transparent
 Series 320-3106/33 Blackboard ink, black
 Series 388-3106/33 Blackboard ink, black
 Series 560-5106/33 Blackboard ink, black
 Series 571-5106/05 Blackboard ink, transparent
 Series 650-6106/33 Blackboard ink, black

The articles of this product range are characterised by their different fields of application or technologies. Series 320-3106/05 and 320-3106/33 are particularly suitable for application on hard materials such as rigid PVC or polystyrene, as these inks have a high blocking resistance. On the other hand, Series 388-5106/33 distinguishes by its flexible binders, making it especially suited for use on soft, flexible materials. Series 560-5106/05 is a UV-curing ink and Series 650-6106/33 finally can be applied as a 1- or 2-component ink. Further information on the respective series can be found in the corresponding Fact Sheet

Unlimited design options

The blackboard inks from Printcolor allow a wide range of design options. As Series 320-3106/05 is transparent, there are - compared to colored blackboard inks - no restrictions in the design of the product layout. Furthermore, the other series of the range can be produced in almost any other color shade on request, in addition to the familiar black, which opens up completely new application possibilities.

Ficha Técnica Serie 320-3106/05 Ficha Técnica Serie 320-3106/33 Ficha Técnica Serie 388-3106/33 Ficha Técnica Serie 560-5106/33 Ficha Técnica Serie 571-5106/05 Ficha Técnica Serie 650-6106/33 Product Information Blackboard Inks