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Serie 471-002

Serie 471-002

Serie 471-002

Magic Wipe - damp wipeable varnish

Magic Wipe is a removable special varnish for the full or partial finishing of offset prints. Magic Wipe can be wiped off using a damp cloth, not leaving any residue. The varnish can be colored with pigment pastes Series 420-PMxx or other effect pigments.


Mud and dirt are removed quickly and with no effort. Due to the new window cleaner, the extremely effective car wash or simply because they are the best rubber boots far and wide. Or imagine the following: A manufacturer prints a glossy sales brochure for his new off-road vehicle (offset print with UV varnished front page). Matching the image, the vehicle must look dirty, attracting the attention of potential clients. This is where Series 471-002 colored with pigment pastes is used to visualize mud and dirt. When the client is holding the brochure in his hands later on, Magic Wipe can be wiped off using a damp cloth – revealing the sparkling clean SUV underneath.

All these and many more are possible fields of application for advertisements with the new Magic Wipe color from Printcolor. The special varnish can be wiped off using a damp cloth, not leaving any residues. On all kinds of materials and in various colors.

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