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UV Anti-Slip Varnish

UV Anti-Slip Varnish

UV Anti-Slip Varnish

The UV anti-slip varnish Series 573-086 from Printcolor is characterised by its slip-resistant effect. The varnish contains granular structuring agents that create an abrasive, slip-resistant structure. This property makes the transparent varnish ideal for the coating of hard-wearing floor graphics. Furthermore, the contained structural agents protect the varnish layer from abrasion and the high layer thickness shields the print from the stress caused by use. This also makes the anti-slip varnish, depending on the type and frequency of the wearing, suitable for long-term applications.

Fields of application 

Series 573-086 excellently suited for coating floor stickers with a functional and/or graphic use in interior areas. It creates a homogeneous, matt surface; the varnish remains transparent and does not yellow. Due to its perceptible sand-like structure, you protect your target group from accidents and in addition to the visual one, you also engage with them on a haptic level.   

Typical areas of application are in the information or advertising fields:  

  • Workrooms and work areas  
  • Advertising at the Point of Sale 
  • Information or guidance systems, signage 
  • Customer and visitor guidance/orientation  
  • Floor and distance markings 

Slip resistance class of floor stickers 

Flooring and floor stickers in public or commercial areas must comply with specific legal standards regarding slip resistance. A certain degree of slip-resistant surface quality is prescribed, indicated by the slip resistance or R class. The varnish Series 573-086 has certified anti-slip properties and meets the criteria of the class R11, which stands for an increased adhesive friction value and slip resistance up to an inclination angle of 19° to 27°. 

The test was carried out according to DIN 51130:2014-02 as well as ASR-A 1.5 and the leaflet «Floors in workrooms and work areas with slip hazards» (DGUV Rule 108-003). The floor covering to be tested in this procedure is placed on a test frame, and special motor oil is applied as a slip-promoting substance. A test person walks on the floor covering with standardised work shoes, while the inclination of the floor covering is gradually increased. The crucial factor is the inclination at which the tester slips or feels insufficient step security. This final angle of inclination is used to categorise the slip resistance and thus the R class of the floor covering.

Processing of the UV anti-slip varnish 

Series 573-086 is press-ready and can, if required, be diluted with one to five per cent of the thinner Series  
500-017. The UV varnish is suitable for small- as well as large-area prints. Coated printed products can be punched, cut and rolled (e.g. for transport) without damaging the condition of the anti-slip varnish. We recommend using the anti-slip varnish in combination with our solvent-based and UV screen printing inks. Extensive tests of a two-layer application with our ink systems of Series 320388552 and 560 showed excellent adhesion as well as further processability. 

We recommend preliminary tests before overprinting digital or offset prints.

Further Information

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