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Series 371-002

Series 371-002

Series 371-002

Magic Flash - photosensitive varnish

With this special photosensitive varnish Series 371-002 it is possible to print invisible information, which can only be made visible on photos by using a flashlight. It offers a very good opportunity to customize your printings and the message will remain fresh in the memory of the recipients for a long time.

To guarantee that the print is invisible in the inactive stage, we recommend to print Series 371-002 exclusively on a white substrate. An adjustment for dark substrates is possible upon request.


Posters are hanging everywhere, seemingly, with no sense or message. Only a note, saying to take a picture of the poster with flash. Passers-by get curious, take the picture and suddenly see the whole message, for example an event information or advertisement for a new tooth paste. Also possible are invitations to a «private» party on posters or flyers, its details can only be seen by people who know how. Or imagine an advertising message at an event or press conference, which suddenly shows on the pictures of the photographers, surprising everybody.

The possibilities for extraordinary advertisements with the Magic Flash varnish are manifold, there are no limits to your creativity. However the varnish is used, be it large- or small-scale, the surprise effect is guaranteed. And this way, the message lingers in people’s memory.

Further Information

Technical Data Sheet Series 371-002